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The MTGives program was one of many Give Local programs across our nation ready to create BIG impacts in our communities. Beginning around 8:15 on May 3rd, Kimbia, the Give Local online platform provider and organizer of Give Local America, began experiencing technical challenges due to the high levels of online traffic. Committed neighbors wanting to donate to nonprofits doing critical work in our community were so many, the traffic crashed the system. These issues affected every Give Local site across the country.

Montana Community Foundation sincerely apologizes to donors, nonprofits, sponsors and community conveners who participated in, or attempted to participate in, MTGives on May 3rd and experienced technical issues. While Kimbia continues to work to resolve these issue, the ultimate and unfortunate result is that many people who have tried to make online donations through this site were unable to do so.

We strongly encourage anyone who ws unable to make an online donation through the MTGives site to instead make a donation directly to the nonprofit or nonprofits they wish to support. If that organization does not have online donation capability, we will accept donations on their behalf until Friday, May 6th at Midnight, and ensure the funds are distributed to those nonprofits.

To do this, visit Montana Community Foundation's online giving page and choose the "Give Now" link, and type in the nonprofit of your choice.

Again, we sincerely apologize and thank you for your support of philanthropy in our Montana communities.

The spirit of philanthropy and the ambition to create communities of strength and vitality is strong in Montana.

Thank you being part of that strength.

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